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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "How can I get paid for content on Crowdbitz?"

A. You can submit content directly to companies where it will only be viewed by their users. This can be directly, or in response to a content request where a company is searching for a specific type of content. You can also sell content publicly by placing it in a store front. Companies can also choose to sponsor your content and pay for impressions, with or without also purchasing the content.

Q. "What kind of content can I sell on Crowdbitz?

A. Any content that you own. This can include any content you have previously purchased the rights to, or anything that you yourself have created. Currently video, image and Adobe PDF files are accepted, but we plan to add more kinds of content.

Q. "If someone buys my content, how do I get the money?"

A. You can use PayPal and/or Bitcoin with Crowdbitz. Content purchased are transferred automatically at the time of purchase. If someone pays for your content with PayPal then you will be paid through PayPal. If you they pay with Bitcoin, your asking price for the content will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet. You have to have at least one method of payment configured for your content to sell.

Q. "I don't have a PayPal account, where can I get one?"

A. Visit Paypal to create a PayPal account. It is free to use, and you can link a bank account or credit card to PayPal so that you can withdraw your PayPal balance.

Q. "I don't have a Bitcoin wallet, where can I get one?"

A. We use Coinbase as our Bitcoin provider. There are many Bitcoin providers where you can get a wallet. Get a Bitcoin Wallet w/ $5 Free Bitcoin

Q. "What is sponsored content?"

A. Sponsored content is content that has been uploaded to an organization and where the organization has subseqently agreed that the content can be viewed publically through crowdbitz.com or through the Crowdbitz API. By sponsoring the content, the organization has agreed to pay a specified amount for every 1000 views (or impressions) of the content.

Q. "How is content approved for sponsorship?"

A. A reviewer for the organization must review the content and either approve or reject the content.

Q. "How is sponsorship and buying content different?"

A. These two things are very different. An organization may purchase submitted content for the asking price of the uploader. The organization then gains access to the original uploaded file for download and is free to use the content in any way that they choose. If a company sponsors content, they are agreeing to pay an amount for public viewing of the content through crowdbitz.com or the Crowdbitz API./

Q. "How does Crowdbitz make money?"

A. Crowdbitz shares the profit gained from sponsored content, and adds a 12% markup to the asking price of direct sales between a content creator and a company. If a content creator wants $1000.00 for a video, Crowdbitz will ask $1120.00. On sale the uploader will be paid their $1000.00 asking price. Crowdbitz adds 20% to the asking price of content sold through the Store Front."

Q. "How do I get paid through Crowdbitz?"

A. When your uploaded content is purchased by an organization, or if your uploaded content is sponsored and is viewed 1000 times, your Crowdbitz account will be credited. You can cashout your credit to your credit card at any time."

Q. "What if I don't want to use Crowdbitz to make money?"

A. That is fine. We still want you to use it and have fun.

Q. "Can I create my own organization within Crowdbitz?"

A. Yes. In fact when you create an account you automatically get your own organiation called username's Crowd. If you are running a business or some other organization, you can request another organization be setup for you.

Q. "What is a content request?"

A. In Crowdbitz a content request is a way for organizations to let users know what kind of content they would like to see. This usually means that the organization intends to purchase or sponsor uploaded content.

Q. "Can I just upload to a company without them requesting it?"

A. Yes you can. You never know what a company might want to see, and your content may be the pleasant surprise they have been waiting for.

Q. "What is the difference between a crowd and an organization?"

A. A crowd is created for every user account and is used to manage content and work with a group. Organizations represent companies, non-profits, schools, churches or other groups that exist outside of Crowdbitz.

Q. "What kind of companies and users could benefit from Crowdbitz?"

A. We think Crowdbitz is ideal for news sites, marketing and advertising, outdoor and sporting, e-publishers, political campaigns, and others who wish to source content online. Universities, colleges, graphics and fine arts instructors and students can also make good use of Crowdbitz. Anyone who has interesting and unique content can use Crowdbitz sell it, privately or publically.

Q. "Why would I use Crowdbitz to source content?"

A. Using Crowdbitz you can build a crowd sourcing platform in minutes at no cost. You can review submitted content privately, and choose to purchase or sponsor content that you like. You can invite others in your organization to use Crowdbitz and help choose winning content.

Q. "What is being bought and sold?>"

A. The ownership of the rights to the content are being sold. By selling content and uploader is agreeing to sell the rights to the content for the price that they set, and affirming that they own the content and have the right to sell it. Once content has been purchased it can be resold by the purchaser or used in other ways outside of Crowdbitz.

Q. "Why would I sponsor content?"

A. Sponsoring content means that your company agrees to pay $1.20 per 100 unique views of the content. It is publically displayed on Crowdbitz and you can link to the content from outside of Crowdbitz. You can sponsor content without purchasing it, and you can end your sponsorship at any time. Half of the sponsorship payment goes to the content creator, and the other half goes to Crowdbitz to pay for bandwidth and hostint costs. By sponsoring content you are associated your organiation with the content, and insuring that they money generated by the sponsorship is going to the content creator and/or their associated cause.

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Crowdbitz Inc. is a company devoted to creating a fair marketplace for online content. We believe content creators should be fairly compensated for their work. Crowdbitz allows content creators to be paid in Bitcoin or in more than fourty currencies supported by PayPal. Content creators can either sell their content directly (and privately) to companies, or publically through a store front. Using Crowdbitz, a company can setup a crowdsourcing campaign in minutes at no cost. Please use the links above to learn more about Crowdbitz.